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January 2015. Horse-drawn logging railway from Karelia

Back in summer 1999 a set of horse-drawn disconnects from the 1950s was collected from the forests of Tver region, to be later restored and put on display.

In autumn 2011 frames and wheels of earlier 1930s version were brought from Chukhloma, Kostroma region. However, to build a full-scale display it was necessary to find suitable track and points parts.

November 2014 brought the information of numerous parts of horse-drawn tramway discovered in Northern Karelia. Following brief negotiations it was agreed to acquire the finds for the museum. Towards the end of January 2015 several sets of 1930s and 1950s disconnects, sufficient amount of light 8 kg/m rail and full points assembly, topped with various spares were moved to Talitsy museum.





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